Beginning Argentine Tango

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Argentine Tango Beginning Level Instruction Series. Online Tango dance lessons taught by Michael Espinoza and Anita LaGrassa.

Volume I:

  • Dance Position
  • Walking Down The Line of Dance
  • Basic Eight-Count Step
  • Changing Her Weight
  • Continuous Change of Direction
  • Forward Figure Eight (Ocho)
  • Reverse Figure Eight (Ocho)

    Volume II:

  • Low Boleo
  • Low Boleo with Adornments
  • Gancho (Hook)
  • Continuous Media Vuelta (Half Turn)
  • Continuous Media Vuelta with Forward and Reverse Figure Eights (Ochos)

    Volume III:

  • Forward Figure Eight to Low Boleo
  • Gancho to Reverse Figure Eights
  • Forward Eights to Reverse Eights to the Gancho
  • Forward Figure Eight to Reverse Figure Eight to Low Boleo to Gancho
  • Continuous Media Vuelta to Low Boleo with Adornment
  • Continous Media Vuelta to Gancho with High Cross

    Volume IV:

  • Sandwich from Change of Direction
  • Change of Direction with Reverse Eights to the Sandwich
  • Molenete from the Change of Direction Step
  • Exercise: Lapiz (pencil) with the Left Foot
  • Exercise: Lapiz (pencil) with the Right Foot
  • Exercise: Forward Eights
  • Exercise: Reverse Eights
  • Exercise: Amages with Left and Right Foot

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