Diversify Your Dance Workshop Notes

Front Desk Process and Forms


The Registration Desk will have three primary stations:

  1. Ticket Sales

    Students who do not already have a ticket will purchase it here. They can purchase by cash or credit card.  Follow "Credit Card purchases" procedure below for card purchases.

    All ticket sales must be entered into the Ticket Distribution and Sales Sheet.

  2. Wristband Distribution

    Students present their ticket to this station to receive wristband for class access.  Student receives the appropriate wristband and his/her ticket is punched.  Student retains punched ticket.

    1 - 3 Sessions - Green Wristband
    4 Sessions - Yellow Wristband

    A colored star is placed on Green wristband for each session a student has purchased.

    A mark is placed by Students name on the Ticket Distribution and Sales Sheet to indicate the student has presented the ticket and received the wristband.


  3. T-Shirts / DVD

    Students who purchased 4 Class + TShirt ($35) will receive their T-Shirt from this station.  Staff here will mark "T" on punched ticket and give student T-Shirt in requested size (M|L|XL).

    All T-Shirts picked up or sold are marked in the T-Shirt Sales Sheet.


When a student brings a ticket to the wristband station, the staff person will:

  • Check to see if the ticket distribution lists to see that the ticket was in fact sold.
  • If the ticket number is located on the correct sheet, place a mark next to it to indicate that the student has presented the ticket and received the wristband.
  • Punch a hole in the ticket, indicating that it has been submitted, and give it back to the student.
  • Give the student the appropriate wristband:
    • If a student has purchased 4 sessions, then the student will be given a Yellow wristband indicating that the student can attend any class in any session.  Otherwise:
    • If the student has purchased 1 to 3 sessions then the student is given a Green wristband and a colored star is attached for each session that the student is allowed and able to attend:
      • Green Star for Session I
      • Blue Star for Session II
      • Silver Star for Session III
      • Gold Star for Session IV
    • For example, if the student has purchased 2 sessions, and wishes to take one class in Session I and the second in Session III, then he/she is given a Green wristband with a Green Star and a Silver Star affixed to it.  


  • T-Shirt sale price is $13. Every sales must be entered into the T-Shirt Sales Sheet.
  • We only have Medium, Large and X-Tra Large sizes.
  • Students who purchased $35Ticket (4 Class + TShirt Special) must show their ticket to the T-Shirt sales personnel.  If there is no "T" marked on the ticket, the sales personnel is to write a "T" on the ticket using a marker and give the student a T-Shirt in the size requested.  The sales personnel must then note that the student has received the T-Shirt in the T-Shirt Sales Sheet.

CentralAveDance will receive $3 on each T-Shirt sold at the event.

CentralAveDance must compensate Ron Parker $10 for each T-Shirt sold or given with the 4 Class + TShirt Special.


  • Each DVD is to be sold for $35. 
  • Every DVD sale must be entered into the DVD Sales Sheet.
  • CentralAveDance will receive $15 on each DVD sold at the event.

Credit Card Purchases

  • Write the item description and total amount due on the Credit Card Information Form.
  • Give the form to the student to fill out the billing information.
  • Give the form along with the student's credit card to the input operator.
  • The operator will process the transaction and print a receipt.
  • When the transaction is processed, give the student the following:
    • the form
    • the credit card
    • the receipt
    • the item(s) the student has purchased

Snacks / Water

  • Bottled water will be sold for $1.
  • Snacks will consist of the following: Chips, crackers, cookies, banannas and apples. And, perhaps slices of chocolate cake.  They will be sold at the rate of 2 items for $1.