Chester Does Tap, Ballet, Soft Shoe, and Conducts the Band at the Same Time

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Chester Whitmore is challenged to do tap, ballet, soft shoe and conduct the band at the same time by Sugar Sullivan, Jeni LeGon and Barbara Billups at the 1st Annual Masters in Tap and Swing conference show on Saturday night, August 19th, 2006. Music by the Opus One Big Band (naturally).

Chester and the Opus One Band will perform again with Norma Miller at A Tribute to Normal Miller on September 9, 2006.

They don't call him Mr. Showmanship for nothing!

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I remember hearing Jeni LeGon talk about the fact that she lost the opportunity to be in several MGM movies, including Broadway Melody of 1938, because they didn't want her to upstage the rising star: Eleonor Powell.  

Here is some documentation that speaks to that: